Legislative Agenda

Legislative Agenda

Elections & Voting

  • Support encouragement of civic participation and voter protection.
  • Support legislation and activities to protect and extend voting rights to all citizens.
  • Support mandatory education for Georgians about their rights and responsibilities as citizens and voters to be provided by the state or local elections superintendent.
  • Support uniformity in election systems and protocols across the state.
  • Support the improvement of the election system's integrity statewide.
  • Support easier access to the ballot for independent and third party candidates.
  • Oppose unnecessary and unconstitutional restrictions on voting, voter registration, access to the ballot and petitions.


  • Support public funding for K-12 education in public schools exclusively.
  • Support public K-12 schools with adequate state funding, with no austerity cuts, reflecting the actual cost of providing the state defined services.
  • Support equalization of state funding to public K-12 schools, currently calculated on property tax wealth in each school system.
  • Support efforts to increase the graduation rate in Georgia, such as mandatory attendance until graduation or age 18, early identification and support for potential dropouts, improved instructional programs for at-risk students, expanded counseling and guidance services.
  • Support election of State Board of Education members and the appointment of the State School Superintendent by the elected board.
  • Oppose State takeover of local schools without local board approval.


  • Support conservation and water efficiency measures.
  • Support diversity of energy resources including solar and wind.
  • Support measures to reduce contaminates in our air and water.
  • Oppose any measure endangering human life, waterlife, and wildlife ecosystems.

Ethics & Transparency in Government

  • Support transparency and accountability at all levels of Georgia Government.
  • Support legislation and processes that make decisions, activities, and priorities of public officials understandable to the public.
  • Support transparency in the state budget.
  • Support creation of a Special Independent Redistricting Commission.
  • Support ethics legislation that strengthens the distinction between lobbyist and legislators.
  • Support mandated funding, rule making authority, and ability of enforcement of fines and rules for the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission.
  • Support renaming the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission back to the Georgia Ethics Commission.
  • Support all public decision making bodies, appointed or elected, being subject to the Open Meetings and Open Records Act.


  • Support policies to facilitate Georgians' access to healthcare.
  • Support expansion of Medicaid in Georgia.
  • Oppose measures removing access or insurance coverage of mandated health services.

Juvenile Justice

  • Support use of alternatives to incarceration of juveniles.
  • Support special training for judges who hear juvenile cases.
  • Support unified rules of practice and procedures for juvenile courts across the state.
  • Support Child In Need of Service (CHINS) program as a comprehensive program to support the individual child.

Responsible Tax Policy

  • Support legislation for long-term solutions to Georgia's fiscal challenges.
  • Support responsible spending and tax policies and a balanced approach to the budget, to meet the long and short-term needs of Georgia.
  • Support progressive taxation as the primary source of state revenues.
  • Oppose state tax structure changes which reduce revenues to the general fund and those which cause low income taxpayers to bear a higher proportion of their income in taxes so that others can reduce their tax burden.
  • Oppose any measure to re-instate a sales tax on food.


  • Support investments in transportation to improve the state's infrastructure, sustain a high quality of life, and attract economic development.
  • Support additional state appropriations to public transit systems across Georgia.
  • Support removal of spending restrictions on the Motor Fuel Tax to include public transportation, bike lanes and pedestrian walkways, in addition to roads and bridges.

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